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You can expect your order to be fulfilled by November of 2023. All orders will be received in the order of placement.

If you have a representative, please contact them prior to your purchase. Thank You.

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Why Choose QuickBand

  • Durability you can trust in. No ripping and tearing. 

  • Quick and Easy Use for all ages so you can quickly and easily place the band on and remove it within 2 seconds... not two minutes like all other booty bands. This makes it great for HIIT workouts with little to no rest in between exercises. You can now perform an exercise without a band and then quickly get a QuickBand on for the next exercise without going over your rest time in between!

  • Flexibility, Stability or a big Range of Motion is not needed for use. Don't have much bend in your knees? Can't touch the ground from a standing position? No problem! Stay standing and put QuickBand on with ease!

  • Adjustable Size so it grows or shrinks with you. As you put on muscle, you can make it larger; as you lose weight, go ahead and make it smaller up to 7 sizes in one band!

  • No more struggle stepping in and out. That means no more having to sit on the floor or find a bench to lean over and wiggle your legs through!

Absolute health and Fitness was founded by Darlene Calabrese. As a wife and busy mama of two active kids with a passion for health, fitness and people she helped many women reach their physical potential and better their overall health. 

After a few years of creating programs for women and doing one on one training from her home, she opened up a brick and mortar in 2020. She loved this community of women who came together for classes with energy, encouragement towards one another and left with positivity and confidence! It was joyful, fulfilling and many friendships were developed.  

She now has moved on to online programing, health coaching and training as it serves the community with much more value!

Cumulatively during even the early years of training people of all ages, sizes and abilities and through the brick and mortar years, there were two issues she noticed with some of her clients and part of the programs when incorporating the use of booty bands. 

  • The elastic rubber ones tore, rolled up on the skin causing pain and got very dirty very quickly.

  • The newer fabric bands stretched out over time, not everyone was able to fit into them and some due to flexibility limitations were not even able to step into it or bend over to get their feet in. 

  • Both bands took too long to get on and remove when implementing them into a HIIT workout. That's multiple exercises with little rest in between. So when there was one exercise not using the band and 10 seconds to start the next exercise with the band, every single time without a doubt there were more people than not who started the exercise late because it took more time for them to get into a band.

Darlene spent over 2 years developing the perfect booty band that would benefit anyone at any age, any size, any fitness level at any flexibility level. She designed QuickBand with the ability to quickly and easily put on and remove. It is also adjustable to grow or shrink with you throughout your fitness journey.

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