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How to keep your physique changing so you can continue to burn fat and tone

Build a Stronger, Leaner Body in 8 weeks

This program was created to help the gym goer attack the gym with intent.

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Are you frustrated in the gym?


Hitting a plateau?


Not sure what changes to make to your exercise in order to progress?

You're probably repeating the same few exercises you are comfortable with on a day to day basis. You're training your muscles the same way every time you hit each muscle group. You aren't growing, you aren't shrinking and the scale isn't moving. You're stuck not knowing what else to do to make progress. It's time for a real change!

I love changing things up periodically to keep the body guessing! The same workouts for too long will cause you to hit a plateau. It's a great idea to change things up in the gym every so often so your muscles can change too. I've had many clients come to me for results. Because that's what we all want! You can't expect results if you don't change old habits! 

I've had many clients lost in what to do on their days that they didn't have a session with me. They wanted a plan to incorporate on the days they were on their own at their local big box gym so that they knew they were working out properly and getting results. So I created this program, which includes exercises I gave to my clients and that I use myself, to help you change your routine and give you new exercises to implement so your body can keep changing. 

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Click on exercises for video demonstrations!
One Medical says that switching up your workout routine can breakthrough weight-loss plateaus, prevent overuse injuries, build new muscles, prevent boredom and help keep your brain healthy!

This Program is for You if:

  1. You want to change up your exercise routine in the gym

  2. You want to lose 5+ pounds of fat!

  3. You want to gain lean muscle

  4. You want to gain strength

  5. You've hit a plateau

  6. You need motivation and a push to get yourself moving and taking care of yourself 

If you have said, "yes, that's me" to any one of these, then this program is for you!

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Real Results for Real People


Here's what you Get

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Weeks 1/2 | $480 Value

  • Introducing the body to new workouts

  • Using a full body routine that brings results quickly

  • 45 minute workouts for 4 days each week

  • optional 5th day

Weeks 3/4 | $ 600 Value

  • Bringing balance and stability so you can function optimally in your day to day activities

  • Stability workouts that will use your muscles in ways you've never used before so your muscles can keep toning!

  • 45min - 1 hour workouts 5 days a week for 2 weeks

Weeks 5/6 | $ 480 Value

  • Strengthening and building muscle so you can burn calories all day long

  • 45min - 1 hour workouts 4 days a week for 2 weeks

  • Add on a 5th day for more burning of calories

Weeks 7/8 | $ 600 Value

  • Targeting each muscle individually so you can focus on each movement and strengthen and build to capacity

  • 45min - 1 hour workouts 5 days a week for 2 weeks

Here's why this program would normally cost over $2000

If you were to walk into our studio and ask for personal training, at a very generous discounted rate of $60 per hour, it would become very expensive with the amount of days per week coming in and over a period of 8 weeks as this plan offers.

One of the reasons I can offer this program at this price is because I don't ship you anything. You get the entire book and all of the videos instantly in your inbox!

Normally $87 Today Only $29

How it works

  1. You must have gym equipment for this particular plan

  2. Click the details below

  3. Purchase the challenge and checkout

  4. Your workouts will be sent to you all at once via email

  5. Click on the links in the document sent to your email for video demonstrations

  6. Save the email for easy access

  7. Follow DarleneFitness on Instagram or Darlene Calabrese on Facebook for more upcoming offers and fitness inspiration.

  8. For shoutouts simply tag DarleneFitness on your workout pics and video as you get your pro 8 workout in!

  9. For more motivation, send a friend to the link to do it with you!

  10. Contact us at any point with any questions. and our support staff will get back to you.

Don't wait to take this offer! Waiting only prolongs your progress and results.


No change = No gains

Take this opportunity to give yourself real results so you can feel your best, be your best and have great confidence! Don't wake up being in the same place you are today.

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