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8 Weeks to Success

Stress-free, Done-for-you Progressive Workout Plan and Recipes

Determination, Mindset and Focus is what creates change.

A Plan is what will create Success.



You’ve tried the latest and greatest fad diet you heard about from friends and family. You've played copy-cat with workouts you got off of Instagram and Facebook. You're eagerly trying to stick to some kind of plan , but you’re just all over the place and you feel frustrated, hopeless and exhausted all the time. You eat and exercise in a way that you think is correct for a few days but then you fall off the wagon and give up all together. You're left with those same feelings; confused, lethargic, overwhelmed, and you haven’t seen the least bit of results to keep you any kind of motivated.

The number one reason you have been unsuccessful thus far is because YOU ARE NOT IDENTICAL TO ANY OTHER PERSON. Someone else's diet may not sit well with you. Your body may be reacting to foods without you even knowin it. 

"I highly recommend the Pro8 Plan"

-Marie D.-

"I've lost 25lbs even with my diastasis recti and I"m still going"

-Jen B-

I know you’re thinking...

“Who’s got time to play around with what works and what doesn’t?”

I’m here to tell you...


Like most women, I’ve been there many times and as a mom, my spare time was slim to none. In no way did I think I could ever find the perfect balance for myself and get my diet and nutrition under complete control. I thought this body is what I was dealt and I just had to deal with my constant bloating and feelings of fatigue.

I so badly desired a change but was getting nowhere listening to every new fad diet and getting to the gym when I could with no real plan!

Can You Relate?

Are you desperately wanting a lasting change but unsure of where to begin?

Well let me tell you just how POSSIBLE it really is to take diet and exercise to the next level and  transform your mind and body using a simplistic and exciting approach that will last you a lifetime!

Progressive Workouts.

Simple Nutrition. Lasting Results.

About me.jpg

I’m going to show you the exact method I used to


over my nutrition, get rid of the bloating, tiredness and frustration and push my body to transform without getting BURNT OUT and still enjoying the  FOODS YOU LOVE!

What this Program Includes:

  1. 8 Weeks of Strategized workouts to keep your body changing and progressing

  2. Video Demonstrations of all workouts so you know exactly how to perform each exercise

  3. Options for a nutrition program...

    1. Choose from 4 different macro plans or simply start eating healthier with the recipes provided

    2. How to calculate macronutrients​

    3. How to calculate calories

    4. How to Intermittent Fast

    5. How to Carb Cycle

  4. Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

    1. Paleo, Keto and Gluten-Free Recipes​

    2. Recipes for quick, grab and go lifestyles

  5. Connect to a Supportive Community

  6. Links to helpful and supportive supplements

e-book mockup.png

"I was able to figure out what diet plan works best for me"

-Trudy M.-

"I committed to it and got leaner and healthier post baby"

-Roseli F.-

"I have more strength and have learned how to make health & fitness a part of my  lifestyle"

-April J.-

This program is designed with you in mind, giving you choices and teaching you how to design your own plan that suits your particular needs. Not one diet plan is suitable for everyone. This program gives you options and progresses your exercise plan in a way you won't get burnt out. Make the commitment to yourself. The plan has already been laid out for you. Now all you have to do is bring your dedication and you'll feel like a new you in only 8 weeks!

Who Pro8 is For

  • Women who are just starting their health and fitness journey

  • Women who need a change up in their dragged out gym routine

  • Women who don't have time to figure out what tomorrow's gym plan will be

  • Women who need new exciting recipes

  • Women who's current nutrition and fitness plans aren't working

  • Women who need guidance in the gym and direction with a nutrition plan

  • Women who want to lose weight, gain muscle, maintain healthy weight, burn fat or get into a healthy lifestyle

How Do I get My E-book?

Once your purchase has been made you will IMMEDIATELY receive a link for download of the e-book. You can then save it to your iBooks or on your computer for easy access! 

You can also print out the recipes if you wish but note that some of these recipes (not many) are links to their original cook!

What Do I Need?

  • A Smart Phone or Computer to save and view the e-book content and demo videos

  • A gym membership is preferable

    • If you know how to do modifications than a few dumbbells, an exercise band, jump rope and stability ball should do the trick​

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Add to your Success... 

With a Detox Plan

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