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Darlene Calabrese

Get the Real Lasting Change that you desire! Combine nutrition and exercise in a way that supports your individual needs and goals! Learn to develop healthy lifestyle habits generating a happier, healthier and better you!


You’ve tried to do it on your own by playing copy-cat with workouts you got off of Instagram and Facebook. You're eagerly trying to stick to some kind of diet you heard about from friends and family, but you’re just all over the place and you feel frustrated, hopeless and exhausted all the time. You eat and exercise in a way that you think is correct for a few days but then you fall off the wagon and give up all together. You're left with those same feelings; confused, lethargic, overwhelmed, and you haven’t seen the least bit of results to keep you any kind of motivated.

The number one reason you have been unsuccessful thus far is because YOU ARE NOT IDENTICAL TO ANY ONE PERSON. You are you and you have a unique balance, diet and exercise program that will meet your specific needs. Copying someone else just because it works for them doesn’t make it right for you.

I know you’re thinking...

“Who’s got time to play around with what works and what doesn’t?”

I’m here to tell you...


Like most women, I’ve been there many times and as a mom, my spare time was slim to none. In no way did I think I could ever find the perfect balance for myself and get my diet and nutrition under complete control. I thought this body is what I was dealt and I just had to deal with my constant bloating and feelings of fatigue.

I so badly desired a change but was getting nowhere listening to every new fad diet and getting to the gym when I could with no real plan!

Can You Relate?

Are you desperately wanting a lasting change but unsure of where to begin?


Well let me tell you just how POSSIBLE it really is to take diet and exercise to the next level and  transform your mind and body using a simplistic and exciting approach that will last you a lifetime!

I’m going to show you the exact method I used to


over my nutrition, get rid of the bloating, tiredness and frustration and push my body to transform in a way I never thought possible!

I make it my goal to train and teach INDIVIDUAL clients just like you how to create good habits with food and exercise to completely transform your lifestyle! You will eliminate the temptation to return to your old ways!


Together we will find the perfect program for you!

Here's What you'll Learn from the Program:

  • How to gain control of your health and fitness lifestyle

  • What your macronutrients should look like based on your individual makeup

  • How to get your energy level up the right way!

  • What you should be eating

  • How to tighten and tone without hours in the gym.

  • How to get rid of toxins without starving yourself

  • How to get rid of bloating

What Do I Get and How Do I Get It?

Everything runs through the use of an app, emails and Skype:

  • Free Consultation Call

  • customized workout plan with demos and videos

  • nutritional tools

  • food shopping list

  • macronutrient breakdown

  • recipes

  • feedback on your daily meals and workouts

  • guidance through a detox week

  • Bi-weekly check ins via phone or Skype 

  • plus a one stop shop for supplements, nutrition and more to support your new happy and healthy lifestyle!

I'm taking on a small number of people who want to Regain control and transform their body forever with my



Courtney - Commack, NY

I love working with Darlene! She keeps me going and if I need to switch things up she does it for me. She makes me feel comfortable and confident I can achieve my goals .
I started working with Darlene to learn how to workout in the gym on my own but with guidance and I got so much more! If it's an exercise I have never done before  we can talk about it or modify it if needed. The best part is there’s a video with every workout to show me proper form and how to do it. Not only did I receive awesome workouts but my nutrition is on point and I feel better than ever! I love the Absolute Program!

My motivation and confidence in the gym alone has changed so much. I have worked out before but now I really know what I'm doing. I have gotten so much stronger and she has taught me that it's not about the number on the scale but to focus on eating properly with exercise. I have lost 10 pounds and I have gained a good amount of muscle in the weeks I have been training. I have learned so much about my body and what a real workout is and what it feels like.

I value my before and after pictures that keep me motivated in seeing the change!
I highly recommend Darlene. She is flexible and really customizes everything to your needs and goals and I can take her anywhere with me because everything is right on my phone!

Jessica - Ronkonkoma, NY

This Fitness Program is the best personal training program I've ever experienced. Not only is it super flexible to fit my schedule, but the exercises themselves are customized and frequently updated to fit me and my goals perfectly. The results so far have been better than I've ever seen from any other fitness program I've tried.

For years I've tried to gain weight and have been unsuccessful in doing so. I started working with Darlene in hopes that I would have a break through. She not only got me to gain weight but she helped me to realize there is a right way to do it with nutrition and the correct exercise and I'm a lot stronger too! I am so thankful for the Absolute Programs! I highly recommend Darlene and her programs!

What Women are Saying


Will I benefit from this Program?

This is a Perfect Fit for:

  • Women who are frustrated with programs that don’t last and want to create healthy habits

  • Women who want to take their physique to another level and lose fat

  • Busy women who don’t have the time to try to figure it out just for it to fail

  • Moms who want their body back

  • Women who want to shed some pounds but don’t want to starve while doing it

  • Women who desire a boost in confidence

  • Women who want to gain the right kind of weight

Together we can accomplish so much more!!

Let’s make today the day you decided to

take control!

The Only Person You

Need to be Better Than

Is the Person You

Were Yesterday

Only a Few Spots Available

Get Ready to Change Your Life!


Excited to Start? I am too! Just click the button below to fill out the application, book your FREE Consultation Call and purchase your program!. You’ll receive a call to discuss your goals, history and how to get started along with​ your first workout and all documents within 48 hours!

If you'd like to talk first to see if this is the right program for you, Click the button below to book your call or if your preference is to email, feel free to email me.

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  • Do I have to have a gym membership?​​

No, Equipment is not necessary. It definitely allows for more variation but we will work with what you have and provide with the videos that will correspond to the workouts. Let me know what you have at home to work with if any. 

  • I have an injury, can I still do the program?

As long as you have clearance from your doctor to exercise, than yes!

  • How many days do I have to workout?

We are on your schedule. We all lead busy lives these days so we will work with what time you do have. What is suggested is between 3 and 5 days of availability to dedicate 30-40 minutes towards reaching your goals efficiently. 

  • How does online training work?

Workouts are visible through an app which you are provided an invite link at the start of your program. Nutritional tools are also provided in this manner as well as documents through email. Monthly assessments are taken through photos and measurements which are all updated into the app for your trainer and your view only. Workouts and Nutrition are modified as needed throughout the program. Bi-weekly check in calls by phone or skype are scheduled. 

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