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Darlene Calabrese

Owner of Absolute Health and Fitness


Women's Exercise Specialist

STRONG by Zumba Instructor

Fitness has always been a part of my life since a young age. My mom worked out with her best friend in her basement and I always enjoyed jumping in and making up my own workout for that day. I fell in love with teaching my workout to my best friend (her daughter) and from then I thought I'd like to do something in the fitness industry.

Throughout my life, fitness has taught me so much. First and foremost discipline. I had the discipline to consistently get something done on a daily basis and it became a habit. I had determination to see change. As I got older and into college, fitness became a stress reliever and an outlet to get a little "me" time. Now as a wife and a mother of 3 it is my sense of well being and control. It gives me something to strive for. The energy it gives me allows me to go about my day with excitement and a sense of accomplishment. It keeps my body young and I want to teach others how adopting health and fitness as a lifestyle can have them living up to the best of their abilities and even pass their expectations of fitness.

Like everyone, I've gone through struggles and heartaches. I've overcome the constant lack of energy, the family breakups and the financial lows. All of our experiences make us who we are today. It's how we choose to use those experiences to form our futures. 

I'm so grateful for what I have but ambitious to achieve the goals I set before me. This attitude along with God has given me the mentality that I can make it through anything. Choose Health, Choose Life, Choose Joy. Nothing teaches consistency and discipline like fitness. 


Steve Curcio
My fitness journey began early on in life, around the age of eleven or twelve. At first it was an outward attempt of trying to improve my self-esteem – back then I found myself rather ugly looking to be transparent, so I started a simple regimen of body weight exercises and played around with my dad’s weights he had lying around our basement.
Fast forward a few years later, and that external reasoning to become fit became much more holistic. After many years reading credible health magazines, buying books on nutrition and corrective exercise, and finally getting my personal training certification done through the American College of Sports Medicine – I’ve made the switch from simply wanting to look good, to also wanting to feel good, and be healthy!
My goal as a coach is teach my clients how to live a healthy lifestyle through accurate exercise implementation and balanced nutrition, and in the end, for my clients to realize the fun there is in living the fit lifestyle. 




My fitness journey has inspired me to help others along their journey.

As a child, I would transition from one sport to the next, playing every sport imaginable, all year round. My latest and final would be playing for the Queens College Women's soccer team. Here, I learned different techniques and forms of training. I was constantly being challenged day in and day out, pushing not only myself but my surrounding teammates and my friends. We would motivate one another to want to be the very best, striving for nothing short of greatness. This all came to a halt once Covid 19 hit.

The pandemic threw everyone for a surprise. Our regular, everyday routines were now stripped away from us. Not only as a team, but as an entire society, we were forced to take the proper precautions to stay safe and healthy. This, undoubtedly, was one of the most difficult times for not only myself, but for the entire world.

Although this time brought many challenges, it too, brought much “free” and “down” time. With classes now being taught online, and workload in the restaurant slowing down, I was able to take time for myself. I decided I would use this time to further educate myself. Like I mentioned, health and fitness was a very important part of my life. So, I decided to study to become a certified personal trainer. I figured that this would be a great start and experience, as I aspire to one day become a physical education teacher.

Like many others, I too, have a backstory. Behind my generous smile, there is a reality. From birth, my grandparents, Frank and Maureen have raised me. Because of them, I was granted with these opportunities that would have never been possible. I am beyond lucky to have them and to have been guided by them throughout my life. They have helped shape me into the young woman that I am today.

Everyday, I find myself constantly reminding myself of just how lucky I am. We have so much to be grateful for, and there are much brighter and beautiful times ahead. This is why I continue to drive myself to help others. I am pushing others to help transform themselves, both physically and mentally. I believe that a huge aspect of this comes from one’s mindset. Positive thinking is key to success! I have found that working out is my sanctuary. It is proven to release endorphins, the chemicals which make you happy. Which is why I highly recommend that everyone participates in some form of exercise, most suitable for them.

Jim Triolo


Functional Training, Bodybuilding

Nutritional Coach

  As a kid in middle and high school, I was never considered athletic and was always last picked in gym class. I shied away from ever trying to get better as athleticism didn’t come naturally to me and I was too self-conscious after being picked on. After going away to university, I quickly came home to work odd jobs and study part-time at community college while I struggled to find meaning. When my mental and physical health hit rock bottom, I decided to make a change.            

I have been in love with the pursuit of fitness for years now. I made it a goal of mine to develop proficiency in as many realms of exercise as I can. Now, having spent substantial time devoted to bodybuilding, powerlifting, and calisthenics, I am working on improving my cardiovascular health and flexibility/mobility.

            I have achieved a thorough understanding of nutrition and exercise because I took it upon myself to never stop teaching myself. I bring my enthusiasm and understanding to work at the gym every day so I can help others change their lives like I have myself. I aspire to also bring these qualities to the high school biology classes I’ll be teaching after I finish school.


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